8 daily mindfulness activities that take just minutes

Daily mindfulness and self care counselling emotional wellbeing

Mindfulness and self-care activities can help you enjoy pleasurable moments more fully. They can also enable you to better deal with difficult situations and emotions when things don’t go your way (which, let’s face it, happens to us all).

But what if your schedule is simply too full?

For all you time-poor people, Connect Health & Community counsellor Emily has come up with 8 quick self-care and mindfulness activities that are easy to fit into your daily routine.

1. Make it impossible to keep a smile off your face.
Put on your favourite music and dance or sing along, read a few pages of funny book or comic, or watch a cat video if that’s your thing (YouTube is full of them).

2. Indulge yourself, without using your credit card.
Light a scented candle or pamper yourself with a tea ritual – use a fancy blend or pour your usual cuppa from a proper teapot into a special cup.

3. Get out in nature.
Take a 5-minute walk (preferably barefoot) on the grass or at the beach. Or sit outdoors to eat rather than wolfing a sandwich at your desk.

4. Take yourself off autopilot.
Rather than thinking about what’s next on your to-do list, take a mindful minute by paying close attention to regular activities, such as brushing your teeth, eating breakfast or drinking a coffee.

5. Digitally disengage.
Spending a few minutes scrolling through social media can really eat into your day. So unplug from Facebook and Instagram and use the precious minutes you save to…

6. Do a 5-minute mindfulness meditation.
Free apps such as Smiling Mind offer a range of short guided meditations that can help with everything from stress to sleep issues.

7. Breathe deeply.
No matter how busy you are, it’s worth finding a couple of minutes to focus on breathing deeply and fully. Deep breathing can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, release toxins, and can even aid healthy sleep.

8. Write a gratitude journal.
By physically writing down 3 things you are grateful for every evening, you’ll make a more positive mindset in to a habit. There is always something to be grateful for – be it a cup of coffee, a sunny day or a smile from a stranger. 

These quick mindfulness and self-care activities can help everyone deal with day-to-day challenges. However, sometimes you may find you need extra help to get your emotional wellbeing back on track.

Connect Health & Community’s Emotional Wellbeing Group can help you deal with anxiety, depression and related ‘emotional disorders’, including obsessive thought/compulsions and impulsive behaviours, and will give you strategies and tools to respond to life’s challenges in healthy ways.

To learn more about the Emotional Wellbeing Group, click here or call Connect Health & Community for a confidential, obligation-free chat on 03 9575 5333.  


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