Our fees

Our fees are designed to make professional health care accessible to the communities we serve.


Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Occupational Therapy, Dietetics, Diabetes Education, Speech Therapy, Psychology.

  • Low income - $10
  • High income - $95 per hour or $47.50 for 30 minutes follow up

Fees may be reduced for those experiencing financial difficulty - upon completion of a Review Of Fees Application Form and pending approval by the General Manager.

Youth Counselling, API Counselling and Community Health Nursing are free of charge.

Groups have variable fees. Some groups may have scaled fees dependent upon income, while others have a flat fee for all participants.

GP Referred Medicare Funded Services

We are pleased to offer a range of allied health services which are subsidised by Medicare when you are referred by your GP:

Mental Health Plan $136.50 (claimable against Medicare)
Chronic Disease Management Plan (formerly Enhanced Care Plans) $63.80 (claimable against Medicare)


Free of charge.


Children under 18 years with a concession card or Medicare funding: Free of charge.
Emergency Care: Flat fee of $30.50 per course of care.
General Care: Fee of $30.50 per visit per course of care, to a maximum fee of $122.00 per course of care.
Denture Care: $73.00 per denture, capped at $146.00 for a full upper and lower denture.
Children 0 - 12 years (not dependants or holders of concession cards): Flat fee of $36 per child for a deneral course of care.  Fees per family will not exceed $144.00.
Adults must be holders of Health Care Cards, Pension Cards.

Fees - Paediatric Speech Pathology

Connect Health & Community now offers a full fee for service model of Paediatric Speech Pathology for children up to the end of grade 1.

Assessment $200

Assessment Report $120
Consultations (approximately 45 mins) $120

Review Assessment (60 mins) $180

Educational Setting Visits (60 mins) $180
Private Health Rebate now available.
Cancellation fees apply to this service.
For further information please ask our friendly staff or request our detailed fee brochure.

Community Transport

While the pandemic impacted our ability to provide a full Community Transport service in 2020, Community Transport fees were waived. However, we are optimistic that 2021 will enable us to deliver full Community Transport services, and therefore Community Transport fees will be reinstated from 1 February, 2021. 

Updated 23/12/2020

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