A poem about our volunteers

As we reflect fondly on a wonderful week of celebrating our amazing volunteers, as part of National Volunteers Week, Connect Health & Community's communications volunteer, Leesa, put her thoughts into verse. 

Please enjoy her poem.

'Why Should You Be A Volunteer'

Volunteer, Lyn (left), recieves her 10 Year Certificate from Head of Services, Sally,

It is not for the money,
It is not for fame,
It is not for any personal gain.
It is just for helping women,
And also helping men.

The volunteers are connected to our community,
We are known as Connect Health & Community.
We are one of the services in the community.Some of our volunteers work in a social activities group.
Volunteers serve out (from time-to-time) some soup,
Sometimes the volunteers go out in a group.

Drivers and jockeys pick up clients from home.
Then they bring them into Connect Health & Community,
and return them to their home,
Or go out with clients using the bus in the community.

There are a lot of volunteers in hydrotherapy.
Volunteers help clients with their physiotherapy,
by getting clients to their exercise in hydrotherapy.

From time-to-time there are other volunteers,
Who help in collating information for volunteers,
and it ends up laughter and tears.

Volunteers assist clients with strength training and gentle exercise programs,
They also help out with mobility and walking group programs, and support tai chi too.

Connect Health & Community has a lot of volunteers,
Without any fears,
Volunteers don’t get paid,
Not because they’re worthless,
But because they’re priceless.Of course the volunteers from the Auxiliary group,
Raise funds for special projects to run the groups,
and funds for equipment like buses for the groups.

- By Leesa



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