Ensuring every step is the best one

Our paediatric physiotherapist can help ensure ever step in baby's development is the best one.

There is nothing quite as wonderful as having a new baby join the family.  

The love, the joy, the sense of togetherness.

But having a new bub can also bring its challenges as you watch their rapid growth and development.

In these current times it isn’t always easy to get access to all the support we need at this time of great change, but Connect Health & Community’s paediatric physiotherapists are here to help answer those questions you may have about baby’s growth.

What is head tilt (torticollis)? What do I do about bub’s flat head (plagiocephaly)? How do I help my baby his movement and balance reactions? How do I pick up baby without getting back pain?

And once baby grows and starts standing and walking, more questions arise.

From slower motor development in babies and infants, toe walkers, turned toe-walking, postural foot problems to bowed legs and knock knees, our physiotherapists can help. 

And as our children continue to grow we can support growth related issues, sporting injuries and post-surgery rehabilitation.

We have been helping parents and children for more than 45 years and can help provide peace of mind with a face-to-face visit.

Special care to help ensure every step of baby's development through life, is the best one.

No doctor’s referral needed.  For more information, call us today on 03) 9575 5333.