Children and Young People's Safety and Wellbeing

Committed to children’s safety and wellbeing

Connect Health & Community is committed to creating and maintaining a child safe organisation where protecting children and preventing and responding to child abuse is embedded in the everyday thinking and practice of all its workforce.

Our commitment to the community is to create and sustain an environment where all children are welcomed, safe and protected from abuse. We are dedicated to supporting the cultural safety of Aboriginal children, the cultural safety of children from a culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds and a safe and inclusive environment for children with a disability.

To ensure we are as welcoming, safe and supportive as possible, Connect Health & Community is committed to the newly legislated “Child Safe Standards”. These new standards are to ensure our organisation complies with all child safety laws; but most importantly to support and protect your child.

Everyone working at Connect Health & Community is responsible for the care and protection of children and reporting information about child abuse. We will ensure that our systems protect children from abuse, and will take all allegations and concerns very seriously and respond to them consistently in line with the organisation’s policies and procedures.

For more information on the Child Safe Standards on the Commission For Children and Young People web site click here.

You can contact us by emailing or call (03) 9192 8982

How Can You Be Involved?

We invite participation in this important work from current families, children of our service and those in the local community. If you want to become involved to help us form the best possible environment to work with children, please register your interest via the email address below. 

Different forms of involvement are available and include:

  • Your child and/or you answering a few short questions with your current Health Professional at Connect Health & Community. Child friendly versions, with options of drawing will be included.
  • A focus group on children’s safety and wellbeing at Connect Health & Community
  • Joining our Children’s Safety Standards Working Group as a consumer
  • Proof reading and feedback on policies, procedures and documents we use with children
  • General ideas/suggestions to improve our work with children and work environment for children

Children and Young People's feedback is important to us. Hearing your voices can only be positive in the development and improvement of our services. Receiving your first-hand information will help us make you feel welcome, comfortable and safe at our service. This feedback form is for all younger people, aged up to 18 years. Younger children may need the help of a big person to fill this out. Thank you for your feedback.

Children Feedback Form




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