Stay connected to good health

In the 45 years we have been supporting our community, this past year and a half have certainly been the hardest we have faced together.

As a service working at the frontline to help keep everyone in our community safe and connected to good health, we understand the challenges and uncertainty everyone faces.

Our Sandringham Ambulatory Care Centre supports those seeking medical treatment, while also providing COVID-19 testing and vaccines.

Through the Sandringham Ambulatory Care Centre's testing and vaccination services we see the community coming out to keep each other safe.  And by working with the more vulnerable in our community we can support them through this unprecedented time. 

All the while, our core services continue in the background, working to keep you connected to good health. 

Social isolation continues to be a significant health issue for our communities and left unchecked, risks causing significant ongoing mental and physical health problems.

But we are here to help you.

Our teams are supporting vulnerable members of the community.

Please don't leave ongoing issues or new concerns, unchecked. Because health issues left alone can lead to larger problems in the future.

We provide a range of health and wellbeing support services, and can arrange free transport to get you to appointments with us, or other healthcare providers.

We're open 8am - 5.30pm, Monday to Friday and our services include:

Cardiac rehabilitation
Children's services
Community nursing
Community transport
Diet and nutrition
Exercise groups
Gambler's Help
Occupational therapy
Safe driving program
Social support groups
Speech pathology
Youth support

With the support of the City of Glen Eira we have recently distributed information to homes in the area encouraging people to not delay their essential health treatments.

If you would like more information about how our services can help you take care of your health and wellbeing, call us on 9575 5307.

After all, we are Healthier Together.