Youth Support Services Case Study

Case Study: Serena

Serena (not her real name), a 16 year-old girl, came to Connect Health & Community after a relationship breakdown with her family.

She and her father had a history of fighting and aggressive behaviour toward each other.  Her family moved interstate, but she refused to go and now has limited contact with them.

Serena became involved in relationship with 19 year old male who introduced her to alcohol and other substances.  This relationship quickly became violent and Serena found it difficult to leave as she was reliant on him.  Her boyfriend is now in prison.  She has begun having flashbacks from the traumatic events that happened when she was in the relationship, but is trying to get her life together.

Serena is still in school full-time, attempting to complete year 11.  She is couch-surfing and staying with extended family members for short periods of time.  As well as attending school, Serena is working two jobs in an attempt to earn enough for food, transport and social activities.

Connect Health & Community youth support workers are working with our client to help her through the challenges of the past and build solid foundations for her future.

If you would like someone to talk to, or help you through a difficult patch, call Connect Health Youth Support Services on 03) 9575 5333 or visit the Youth Support Services website.