The simple way to take control of your finances

Financial counselling gambler's help

Easter holiday spending, school-related costs, running the heating/air con to beat the ever-changing weather... No matter what led to that high credit card bill, it’s important to resist gambling on a ‘quick fix’.

Rather than throwing a few coins in the pokies, back a sure thing – a financial counselor.

A financial counsellor can help you take control of your debt and put a plan in place to help you get back on track.

Gambler’s Help Southern at Connect Health & Community provides free, confidential financial counselling services to anyone experiencing financial difficulties connected to gambling (their own or someone else’s gambling).

Our qualified financial counsellors can:

  • assess your financial situation/debts
  • help stabilise and improve your financial situation
  • assist you to access information about finances, debts, and your rights and responsibilities (regarding credit and loan contracts, mortgage and rent payments, social security entitlements, fines, utility bills, bankruptcy and asset protection)
  • help with creditor negotiation and advocacy
  • refer you to other organisations or programs
  • help you get your gambling under control and change your behaviour through the Gambler’s Help Southern counselling program.

Don’t chase a ‘winning’ bet to pay the bills. Our financial counselling service helps ensure that, when it comes to your financial future, the odds really are in your favour.

Call Gambler’s Help on 03 9575 5353 for a confidential chat.

For some top tips and advice on money management, visit the Gambler’s Help website.

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