John says his favourite part is hearing peoples’ stories

This National Volunteer Week we are taking a moment to celebrate some of our amazing volunteers and their invaluable contribution to Connect Health & Community.

There are many theories that say people become a product of the people they surround themselves with and the environment they are in.

Our volunteer John has found that to be true.  He feels that spending time around the people at Connect Health & Community is making him a more caring person.

John drives the Community Transport to get our clients to their appointments and social support groups. 

“It’s great to surround yourself with caring people. If I spend time here, I feel I become a more caring person,” said John.

John started volunteering five years ago after his partner saw an advertisement seeking Community Transport drivers.

He was looking for volunteer work to give him a routine after a motorcycle accident left him with an acquired brain injury and unable to return to work.

John now drives the Connect Health & Community cars and busses on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, ensuring our clients can get to their important appointments and social support groups.

He says volunteering as a Community Transport driver has given him a reason to get up and about. His favourite part is connecting with older clients, who he says, have the best stories.

“I enjoy talking to the clients. We often forget to see our older community as people who have done and achieved so much. My time as a Community Transport driver gives me a chance to hear about it all.”


Thank you, John and our exceptional team of volunteers.

The theme of the 2022 National Volunteer Week is ‘Better Together’.

Our volunteers are valued members of the Connect Health & Community team.

With more than 150 volunteers lending a hand, we know we couldn’t do our work without them. 

By giving their time, skills and dedication, our volunteers make a priceless contribution to our community.

For more information on volunteering and how you can sign up, visit

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