Messages of thanks to our Volunteers

Thanks from our CEO

CEO, Amanda Murphy

National Volunteers Week reminds us of the importance to stop and celebrate the achievements of the volunteers who support our organisation with the priceless gift of their precious time, skills and energy. 

But this year, the biggest “thank you” just doesn’t seem enough as we reflect on our volunteers’ amazing work and the support they have provided us and our community in the most extraordinary circumstances. 

Throughout 2020 our volunteers’ efforts helped make it possible for us to maintain support for the most vulnerable members of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The necessity of staying apart created great challenges for us in the delivery of our essential services and for our volunteers;  but ever-driven by their love of community and connection, our volunteers worked with us, for our community, to keep those in need supported when other lines of support were closed.

From making masks, kits or bags, to delivering food and supplies or providing transport to essential medical appointments, our volunteers helped keep our community connected to the essential spirit of hope.

And having come through those toughest, darkest hours, we emerge as a community stronger than we were when we went into 2020 – all thanks to their commitment, energy and dedication.

Thanks to our volunteers, today is a much brighter place than where we were 12 months ago and we look forward to reconnecting with all our volunteers as we resume full services and can again celebrate, in-person, that we are healthier together.

Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts.

Amanda Murphy

Amanda Murphy
CEO, Connect Health & Community

A tribute to our valued volunteers

I would like to extend deep gratitude and a heartfelt welcome back to our amazing community volunteers.

The pandemic reached every corner of the world, including ours – but throughout it all our volunteers showed incredible resilience, and as a community we contained the COVID pandemic together.  At the height of the pandemic, our volunteers did their part in following the social isolation requirements – but where possible, many continued to assist us.  From putting together care packs for isolated/vulnerable members of the community and delivering them personally, to driving clients to critical medical appointments – our volunteers were the lifeblood of our community.

At Connect Health & Community, we are lucky to have more than 160 volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to support clients, patients, families, carers and staff across our community.

Volunteering is a social glue that helps hold our society together.  And while volunteering is unpaid, it does not mean that it does not have economic value.  Volunteers are a vital and valued part of the Connect Health & Community family.  Our volunteers enable us to provide services that may not otherwise be provided, often for those who are most vulnerable in the community.

With the restrictions easing and our services returning to full capacity we are delighted to seeing your friendly faces and seeing an increase in your valued presence at Connect Health and Community.

Peri Bozetepe

As we celebrate our volunteers’ dedication and achievement during National Volunteer Week, I say a huge “thank you” to every single one for their invaluable assistance in the past and look forward to our continuing partnership ahead.

Warmest regards,
Peri Boztepe
Program Manager, Community Connections

Thank from our clients:

At the end of a tough 2020 many clients sent us messages of appreciation for the support our volunteers provided. 

They include:

“Dear Errol, Jimmy and the transport team, Thank you for your much appreciated support and assistance during this challenging year.  May the New Year bring a healthier and joyous time. Enjoy a much earned break. Warm regards.”

“Thanks you to Errol, the staff and the wonderful volunteers, who treated me with such care and respect.”

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