A poem from a volunteer

A poem to celebrate National Volunteer Week 17 - 23 May, 2021 using the theme of "Recognise, Reconnect and Reimagine."
Written by Communications Volunteer, Leesa.


We would like to thank our volunteers for the role they play in;

Making Connect Health & Community as one of strong centre’s has ever been.

Especially during these tough times of need;

When clients are in crisis or isolation the volunteers are needed.


We are very lucky to have so many volunteers;

To give up their time to help to help us over the years.

We do value our volunteers over the years;

Connect Health & Community has a lot of volunteers.

Without any fears;

Volunteers don’t get paid.

not because they’re worthless;

but because they’re priceless.


We are trying to support our volunteers and the organisation;

So the volunteers can help the clients and staff in this organisation.

The volunteers can continue to help with the necessary work they do in this organisation.

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