Become a member

Members are important to Connect Health & Community as they provide input into health services, involvement in the planning and delivery of services and information on the health care needs of the community.

Why become a Member?

As a member, you can support us in the following ways:

  • Join our commitment to achieving ‘optimal health and wellbeing of our community’ to help shape the direction of the health service;
  • Be involved and help promote community awareness of the services we provide;
  • Make donations which assist us in funding valuable equipment, program materials or developing new services;
  • Attend forums, meetings or events to support Connect Health & Community and voting on important decisions, when needed.

Membership entitles you to:

  • Receive Quarterly Newsletters
  • Receive an invitation to the Annual General Meeting
  • Receive a copy of our Annual Report
  • Be eligible to vote in Board of Director Elections

Membership fees

An Annual membership fee of $2.00 per person is payable on 30 June each year.

A Member ceases to be entitled to any of the right or privileges of membership if the annual subscription remains unpaid for two months after it becomes payable. However, the rights or privileges of membership may be reinstated on payment of all arrears at the discretion of the Board of Directors


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