Connect GP

Meet some of the dedicated Connect GP team ready to support patients to achieve their health and wellbeing goals.

Connect Health & Community welcomes Chronic Disease Team Care Arrangements from our neighbouring General Practitioners. 

Our Connect GP team of allied health professionals is available to create care plans, enhanced primary care plans or mental health care plans.

We welcome referral and we only charge a $10 gap in most instances. 

GP patients can continue their treatment with our clinicians after rebated sessions have concluded and may continue to do so under our subsidised programs.  Our services are provided from our Cheltenham centre.

Below are the details of our team of allied health professionals, diabetes educator and psychologist.

Supporting the delivery of Medicare-funded services our Connect GP clinicians are specialists in their allied health fields, each working with their clients to help them achieve the best possible outcomes for their health. 
For more information call (03) 9575 5333 or fax for referrals: (03) 9579 3623.

Sean - Physiotherapist

Since graduating in 2003, Sean has worked across various hospitals and rehabilitation environments in Melbourne's south-east.  
Specialist interests: Availablity  
• Musculoskeletal problems
• Respiratory problems
• Hydrotherapy
Tues 8.30-5pm Weds 8.30-5pm Thurs 8.30-5pm Friday 8.30-5pm  


Nathan – Exercise Physiologist

Nathan has a Bachelor of Exercise Science, Masters of Exercise Rehabilitation and has worked in a variety of roles including community health, private practice and return to work therapy. 
Specialist interests: Availability  
• Diabetes
• Osteoporosis
• Obesity
• Other metabolic and cardiovascular conditions
Tues 8.30-5pm Weds 8.30-5pm Thurs 8.30-5pm Friday 8.30-5pm  


Alexandra - Physiotherapist

Since graduating from her Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honours in 2009, Alexandra has worked across many areas of the profession, including major public hospitals, acute inpatients, pulmonary rehabilitation, NDIS home visiting and clinical pilates.
Alexandra has previously worked at:
• Royal Melbourne Hospital
• Maroondah Hospital
• Eastern HARP

Specialist interests: Availability  
• Cardiorespiratory outpatients and community outreach
• Gerontology
• Neurological rehabilitation
• Musculoskeletal outpatients
• Pulmonary rehabilitation
• Chronic disease management, including chronic respiratory, cardiac and diabetes
Mon 9.00-5pm Tues 9.00-5pm Friday 9.00-5pm  


Amber - Physiotherapist

Amber has more than 20 years of physiotherapy experience in hospitals, rehabilitation and community health. 

Specialist interests: Availability  
• Musculoskeletal conditions
• Pain
• Physical activity
• Falls prevention
• Holistic care
• General wellbeing
Tues 8.30-5pm Weds 8.30-5pm Thurs 8.30-5pm Friday 8.30-5pm  

Justin - Physiotherapist

Justin graduated as a physiotherapist in 2001 from Latrobe University. Since then he has worked  in rural and overseas specialist hospitals as well in rehabilitation, private practice and community health. 

Specialist interests: Availability  
• Falls
• Chronic pain
• Neurological conditions, inc. Parkinson’s Disease
• Cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation
• Older clients
Mon 8.30-5pm Tues 8.30-5pm Wed 8.30-5pm Thurs 8.30-5pm Friday 8.30-4pm  

Julie - Physiotherapist

Since graduating in 2010, Julie has worked in various healthcare settings, including private practice and aged care.  Her expertise includes orthopaedic, aged care, stroke management, post-op management and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Bachelor of Health Science at Auckland University of Technology in 2010.

Specialist interests: Availability  
• Geriatric clients
• Post-op rehabilitation and management
• Fall prevention
• Equipment prescription
• Chronic pain
• Mobility assessment
• Orthopaedic
• Aged care
• Stroke management
• Musculoskeletal physiotherapy
• Cardio-respiratory conditions
• Work-related injuries
Tues 8.30-5pm Thurs 8.30-5pm Friday 8.30-12.30pm  

Rebecca - Podiatrist

Rebecca graduated in 2013, then gained clinical and research skills at Alfred Health.  She established a 'Footwear and Falls' project and contributed to an initiative assessing the general health of patients on dialysis. Specialist interests:

Specialist interests: Availability  
• Managing high-risk clients
• Wound care
• Paediatrics
• Biomechanics
• General treatments
Tues 8.30-5pm Wed 8.30-5pm Thurs 8.30-5pm  


Jane – Psychologist

Jane has been a registered Psychologist since 1995 and is committed to community health. She holds extensive knowledge and expertise in providing psychological services funded by Medicare, WorkCover, TAC, Comcare, Victims of Crime, Community agencies and private patients.

Specialist interests: Availability  
Jane has extensive experience helping patients presenting with a variety of clinical problems, including:
• Chronic pain
• Physiological stress reactions
• Adjustment disorders to life events
• Clinical anxiety and depression
• Substance dependence
• Post-traumatic stress disorders
Mon 8.30-5pm Thur 8.30-5pm  


May – Nurse, Diabetes Educator

May completed her Bachelor of Nursing at the Australian Catholic University in 2013.  In 2017 she completed a postgraduate study of Diabetes Education and has been working in general practices as a practice nurse and diabetes educator for the past three years.

Specialist interests: Availability  
• Primary health care
• Chronic disease management


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